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The VR and Police network is currently established and offers many advantages and facilities for its members. This article provides an overview of the current stage of the network, the reasons to join and the planned next steps to connect European law enforcement agencies interested in Virtual Reality.

What are the advantages?

The first advantage is the networking aspect. This network is the ideal platform to connect with other law enforcement agencies, but also with researchers, decision-makers or technology experts dealing with Virtual Reality. Connecting with these professionals will contribute to increase knowledge about Virtual Reality and encourage the use and development in policing.

Secondly, the network organises different types of events. All members of the network are invited and receive regular updates about the events. Law enforcement professionals and other network members can stay up to date about new developments in the field of VR and Police by attending and contributing to the events. They are also meant to pave the way for future collaboration and connection between law enforcement agencies, technology and research experts.

Thirdly, the network gathers and compiled knowledge in for its members. At the current stage of the network, this knowledge is provided on the website. If you join now as a member, you will stay up-to-date with the launch of a secure member section exclusively for members – This is planned until summer 2021.

Outlook: Secure section exclusively for network members

The members section will be implemented until summer 2021 as a facilitator for knowledge exchange about VR and Police and to connect the members of the network. The section will be the core of the network platform and allow for secure exchange and collaboration between members from several areas of expertise. To do so, it will comprise several elements that can be accessed with the member log-in:

  • Knowledge and learning hub to share scientific articles, study results, guidelines and standards
  • Member Experience forum to allow for interaction between the members, to share experiences with VR, and to exchange knowledge and information about relevant topics. The forum can also be used by the leadership of the network to promote events or to gather knowledge about relevant topics.
  • Member calendar that includes all events from the public calendar and upcoming network events and activities exclusively for the network members. Also, the members may add their own activities to it if they want to invite other network members.

Join the VR and Police community now and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up-to-date about the development of the network!

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