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Virtual Reality Police Network (VRPN)

Following the successful EU Horizon project SHOTPROS ( ) over a 100 European Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) indicated to want to work together in a network in order to exchange experiences, information,… on the use of VR in different fields of policing. This VR and Police Network (VRPN) announces a first event for 2023 at the GPEC in April in Frankfurt. For new upcoming events in 2023 stay tuned on and on LinkedIn and Twitter (@VRandPolice ).

In this initial start-up phase of VRPN we are drafting a strategic plan and we make an inventory of all registered LEAs. Some LEAs already have experience working with VR while others aim to soon start. We will cluster those working with a similar VR solution or who implement VR in a similar policing field. Our aim is to organise very practical events that help further LEAs who work/want to work with VR.

We will also provide LEAs, who are not yet working with VR, with advice and practical tools in order to facilitate a swift integration of the use of VR in their organisation.

While within SHOTPROS we worked exclusively with the VR training solution developed jointly with one technology partner, we within the VRPN open our doors for all existing VR technology used and implemented in policing.

In our first event in April, we will bring together VR providers in a seminar at the GPEC digital in Frankfurt. In the GENERAL POLICE EQUIPMENT EXHIBITION & CONFERENCE (GPEC) on 26 and 27 April 2023, with this year a focus on digitalization and innovation in policing, several VR providers will present their VR solution for police.

We will also present our network, our vision and our upcoming events to a broadening network of police organisations. Don’t miss this and register for the GPEC

More info and program click here.

Register here for the VRPN seminar @ GPEC!



If you are not yet registered for the VRPN network: do so here

Günther Dauwen

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