Webinar: VR Police Training

This event did already take place This webinar is an introduction to the research and innovation of SHOTPROS. The purpose of the project is to enhance police officer's performance via the creation of a VR training curriculum. This curriculum is being created using scientific research of decision making and acting and the needs of law...

Webinar: VR requirements engineering

This event has already passed This webinar highlights how end-user needs and experiences are being converted to technical requirements for the VR curriculum. Doing this will make sure that the curriculum that is being developed is suited to the needs of end-users, which will increase the impact of the VR training.  

Webinar: VR training concepts

This event has already passed This webinar introduces some key concepts that are used to create the VR training and curriculum. It specifically focusses on the human factor model of decision making and acting during high-risk, high-stress situations. The expected impact is a VR training curriculum that allows police officers to train in simulated high stress environments.  

Webinar: Future context of VR & Police

Except for training, VR can be used by law enforcement agencies in many other domains such as crime scene investigation, surveillance, interrogation etc. This webinar expounds on the different ways VR will be used in the future of policing.  

VR trial Berlin- Experience our VR system

The VR & Police Network offers their members the exclusive opportunity to try out the SHOTPROS VR system and shape the further development of the technology. The VR trial takes place from 5th to 8th of July 2021 at the Berlin Police Academy. Our technology partner RE-liON (re-lion.com) will be on-site and demonstrate the current capabilities...

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